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Craft Stuff For Sale

Hi everyone! I love crafting stuff! And when I'm working on a project, design or kit, I occasionally buy more than I need!  I also find that I forget what I bought a particular item for, especially paper, and discover that I no longer need it.  And sometimes, after I've designed a project, I'll actually write up the instructions for a written tutorial (not always, but sometimes).  For a bit I did list my tutorials and extra products on Etsy but I found it very time consuming to list and items tend to get lost in all the other shops there.  I then listed some items here on my own and I did sell some but again, so time consuming. I'd much rather be crafting but I do need to sell off extra stuff now and then plus when there is a tutorial available, I'd love for you to be able to buy it and create one of your own if you wish.  So I am now happy to share that thanks to Paper Phenomenon, a new selling site for crafters has been set up!!  It's called Captured on Paper!  I will be listing on that site items and tutorials for sale as I have time and then I will share the link to each item below.  You'll just have to click on the link to be taken to my listing.  You will need to click on each link though as we don't have individual shops but items are listed by category so make sure you shop around while you are there.

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Item #1 Camera Box & Mini Wallet Albums TUTORIAL 

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