This is a photo I took of one of my Graphic 45 August projects as I was creating it so I’d have images for the Snapguide.  It’s all finished now and ready for when those at Graphic 45 decide to showcase it on their blog.  So I can’t share with you just yet the final results.  I can say that it’s a travel project and it’s a mini album.  Here’s one more sneak peek, work in progress photo, not that it helps you much. Ha, ha.


I will also say that I loved working with this paper collection–Graphic 45 Safari Adventure and if you haven’t bought it yet, you really should.

Hope you are having a great Sunday and Happy Crafting!

Post It Note 1

With it as hot as it is outside right now, it’s hard to believe that school will be starting for most in about a month.  For those of you who like to give the teachers a little gift, I found something really cute on Pinterest and made one of my own.  I tweaked it just a bit to make it even easier to create and seriously, once you’ve picked out your paper and ribbon, you can make this in about 10 minutes.  Over the weekend I worked on my August Graphic 45 assignments and had some leftover scraps of paper and that’s what I used on this cute little Post It Note holder.  The scraps I used are from  the Graphic 45 Children’s Hour Collection (12×12). You’ll also need black chipboard, assorted ribbon and trims, a short pencil (I broke one in half and sharpened the end) a bulldog clip and a Post It Note pad.   This is really easy to make and I’ll give you the measurements that I used down below.

Post It Note 2

First you cut the chipboard down to the size needed and then use glue to pattern the front and back side.  Next, you take the piece of paper you want to use for the pencil holder and glue it to the front side. You form it around a pencil to make sure the pencil will slide in and out without falling completely out.  Take another square of paper that is smaller than the patterned chipboard piece and glue that to the front over the pencil holder.  Place your Post It Note pad onto the front side and use a bull dog clip to hold it to your chipboard.  If you do not like the color or pattern of your clip, you can cover it with matching paper like I did.  I just cut a piece of paper to fit the clip and glued it down.  Next tie bits of ribbon and twine to your clip and finish it off with a small chipboard piece like the flower circle on this one.   To wrap your pencil with matching paper, measure the length you want covered and cut it out to 1 1/4″ wide.  Use scor-tape on each side to attach and roll the paper tightly around the pencil.

If you want to be able to attach your Post It Note Holder to a fridge or file cabinet, you can add magnets on the back.  Because of the weight of the clip, you’ll want to use at least two magnets as shown below.

Post It Note 3

Write a message on the first paper of the Post It Note pad and you have a quick and cute teacher gift.


  • 1 each black chipboard 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″
  • 2 each patterned paper 3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″  (Glue to front and back of chipboard
  • 1 each patterned paper 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ (Glue to the front over the pencil holder)
  • 1 each patterned paper 3″ x 1 1/4″ ( To create the pencil holder)
  • 1 each patterned paper 1 1/4″ x length of pencil (To wrap the pencil)
  • 1 each patterned paper 1″ x 1 3/8″ (To cover the bull dog clip–make sure you measure yours)

Use glue to attach the papers and scor-tape to wrap the paper to the pencil.

Have fun crafting!


noun: complete disorder and confusion.
synonyms: disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, pandemonium, havoc, disruption, upheaval, etc.

Yep.  I’ve got some chaos on my crafty room workspace but I’m loving it! For sure I’ve got disorder and disarray but not so much confusion, disruption nor upheaval.  I know exactly what I’m doing and among this mess upon my table, something really fabulous is happening!  I’ve got lots of Graphic 45 goodness going on along with some fabulous ribbons.  But I’m thinking that maybe, just maybe I want more ribbon so I may be dashing off here in a bit to the Michael’s craft store to see what they have. And perhaps I should clean things up a bit.  But probably not because I’m having so much fun!

Sorry, but the outcome of all this won’t be revealed until at least sometime in August or later…

Happy Crafting,


I know you can’t see much from this photo but that’s the way it is with sneak peeks.  I’ve been able to get quite a bit done in the crafty room this afternoon!  I’m working on one of my August Design Team assignments for Graphic 45 and in case you can’t tell, I’m using the wonderful Safari Adventure collection.  I’ve also got an idea for my other August project which if it goes the way I’m thinking will be something for Back to School and most likely for a teacher.

Okay, that’s all I’m sharing this afternoon….it’s back to crafting right after we have dinner and there’s no time for computers and such.

Happy Crafting!

If you are here for the Cards in Envy post, please scroll down to the next post. Thanks!

Upcycled Picture Frame Tea Tray, Staples DIY Craft Paper Curiosity Collage Butterflies, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 1

It’s very hot right now in Texas and nothing is more perfect than a nice glass of ice tea with lemon. In Texas, even in the winter, our tea is always iced tea.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t love a pretty tea serving tray and teapot.

Upcycled Picture Frame Tea Tray, Staples DIY Craft Paper Curiosity Collage Butterflies, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 2

As a Graphic 45 designer, one of our assignments for July was to take something old and upcycle it with the fabulous Graphic 45 DIY Craft paper rolls.  I came up with the idea of covering a picture frame with the paper, adding more paper on the inside mat along with other Graphic 45 papers and then attaching some fun handles to create a serving tray.  I love, love, love how this turned out.

Here’s the before photo of my picture frame.  I bought it at the local antique mall– Miss B’s on North Main Street in Weatherford, Texas for $1.50 and it came with the glass. And, I bought the fabulous drawer pulls to use for the handles at the same mall for just $3.00!  Score!!!

Before of Upcycled Picture Frame Tea Tray, Staples DIY Craft Paper Curiosity Collage Butterflies, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 6

Have you seen the DIY craft  paper rolls by Graphic 45?  No?  They come in different patterns and the paper is thinner and are a larger size so they are great for upcycling larger projects and the patterns and colors work perfectly with other Graphic 45 paper lines.  I used the one below with Graphic 45 Ladies Diary to get the look I wanted for my serving tray.

bfd345df1770d9d968f1ad55cefce5d2Upcycled Picture Frame Tea Tray, Staples DIY Craft Paper Curiosity Collage Butterflies, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45, Photo 3

To show you how I did my upcycle tray, I’ve done a YouTube Tutorial Video which you can find on today’s Graphic 45 blog post and there is also a detailed supply list. My project is showcased along with another project by Alexandra on their blog. I hope you’ll go check it out!