Well, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks!  The week prior to my family reunion in mid June, hubby strained his back but seemed to be doing okay.  Then at the reunion, he slipped and fell out of our fifth wheel camper (which is tall) and hurt his leg.  That was on a Friday or Saturday.  The following week the pain in his leg was so bad that I took him to the ER to get an X-ray.  Nothing fractured but they diagnosed a deep contusion (bruise) and prescribed pain meds which really didn’t work so in a few days I took him back and they did a CT scan and still nothing (hubby was concerned as the pain was in his leg where he’d had a compound fracture when he was in his twenties). But anyway, they gave him a super pain shot and a prescription for strong pain medication and I took him home where he slept the day away.  And then his Dad (93 years old) called around 6 p.m. that he was having severe stomach pain and I took him with hubby in tow to the ER!  That was last Thursday.  Turns out my father-in-law has lots of kidney stones, very large. A procedure was done on Sunday and he was sent home on Monday (he does live alone but down the street from us).  I spent the weekend pushing hubby around in a wheelchair at the hospital to check on his Dad.  Things are finally getting back to somewhat normal. FIL will be needing more procedures in the next several weeks or so. AND did I mention that we had to postpone our 40th Anniversary trip to September because of all this? Yeah, well, maybe it will be lots cooler and everyone will be feeling better by then.  If you’re still with me, I’m sharing all this to explain why I haven’t been crafting much or blogging a lot.  I’ve got things I want to start on and ideas….here’s hoping I can get crafty in a day or so.

So,for today, I’m sharing this Graphic 45 July calendar page I made in 2014.  You do realize that with the arrival of July tomorrow that the year is half gone!!  Wow!


And that’s it for today.  I have a few errands to run and then tonight I’ll be cutting out a few more kits for my July class at Flossie Scrapper.  By the way, Flossie has a new website design, so check it out.  To see events that are upcoming at the store, click on the calendar and then on each date of what you are interested in for more info.  My “World’s Fair” suitcase and mini album class is FULL for July & August (two part class) but I think we are planning to offer it again in October and November.

Happy Crafting!

Summer Sneak

Mark your calendar for July 5th because one of my July Graphic 45 Design Team projects will be on the Graphic 45 blog! Can you guess what it is?  Here’s a hint…”It’s Summer! Let’s Head to the Beach!” Still don’t know?  Then you’ll have to wait until the 5th to see the whole project.  It  is made of some great Graphic 45 product and it was so fun & easy to make!  It’s just perfect for the Summer or the Beach. Ha, ha.  And on that day in the same blog post over on Graphic 45, you’ll see another fun Summer or Beach project by Katelyn.  We hope you’ll come take a look!  I’ll also do a blog post about it here with more photos and details July 5th.

Happy Crafting,


Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 1

Today is the DAY!!  My introduction to the 2016-17 Graphic 45 Design Team!!  I’m so happy and excited and truly still can’t believe that I was picked to be one of their designers out of so many talented entries from all over the world!  I just have to say it again…thank you so much Graphic 45 for this opportunity!   And today, you can go over to the Graphic 45 blog and see their post about ME!  And while you are there, take a look over on the left hand side of their blog and see the list of Designers with links to their blogs.  Yep, my name is there!!  Click >HERE< to see it all on the Graphic 45 blog.

My first assignment as a Graphic 45 Designer was to create a project that describes me as a designer and to include a photo of myself.  I thought about it quite a bit before jumping in to the designing of the project and knew that because I love to make mini albums that I would make one about me.  My creativity and crafting evolved throughout my life. I’ve always made things from learning to sew at the age of nine to paper crafting now. So instead of showing just one photo of me, I included photos of myself as a baby, child, younger adult, older adult and now.  The Graphic 45 paper that I chose to use was their beautiful Once Upon a Springtime collection.  This little mini album is about the size of an Altoid box but holds so much for me.

Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 3



Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 4



One of my favorite parts of this paper collection is the phrase “Life itself is the most wonderful FAIRY TALE.”  And that’s exactly how I feel about my life.

Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 5


Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 6


Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 7


Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 8


Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 9


Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 10


Mini Trunk Book Album, Once Upon a Springtime, by Sandy Trefger, Product by Graphic 45 Photo 11

By the way, I hope you notice that watermark on my photos.  It was a very special moment when I received the file for that!

If you like the design of this mini album, I have published a Snapguide Tutorial on how you can make one from this paper collection or if you’d like use your own favorite papers.  The link to the tutorial and other details about this project can be found on today’s  Graphic 45 blog post.

AND…the blog post is also showcasing three of my favorite Graphic 45 projects that I’ve done in the past.  I hope you’ll go take a look.

Happy Crafting,




Have you submersed yourself into the planner craft craze?  You know…taking your ordinary or not so ordinary planner book and decorate the pages, calendars, covers etc.  There are planner groups, planner parties, planner clubs, planner kit clubs, planner videos on YouTube…everything you’d want to know about planners.   I bought my planner from Flossie Scrapper the first of the year and pretty much just used it to write things on the dates that I shouldn’t forget… appointments, challenge deadlines for my blog and such.  My planner is a Simple Stories brand and came with the pages and dividers.  When I bought my planner I also bought some sticker packs that complimented it and also a pack with the sticker numbers for the dates.  So I added those and then after seeing someone’s fun and fabulous planner I started adding other things like Washi tape, foam stickers, regular stickers and tags.  My planner is nothing compared to others but I do like how it’s turning out.  Below is my favorite month so far (based on the decorations I added and because it’s my birthday month)–February.  (Note: Some of my entries have been “blurred” in the photo to protect my privacy and others as well.)


This is the cover or splash page or divider or whatever it’s called for February….


And another favorite month of mine because of our wedding anniversary and my family reunion–June.


Again, some of my entries have been “blurred” in the photo.

It’s hard to believe that soon June will be gone and it will be time to plan and decorate my July pages! Do you plan on planning in a planner?

Happy Crafting,

6a0105349d6b3d970c01bb07b75f56970d-500wiI had an Etsy shop mostly to sell tutorials and kits and occasionally a finished album or project. I wasn’t very good at adding product to it to make it worth the time and trouble.  But I do have quite a few extra product items that I no longer need so I decided to have a go at listing things for sale here on my blog/website.  There are no fees to do this like there is on Etsy as my website is paid for annually so why not try it this way?  By the way as for my tutorials….you can find them by clicking on the word “tutorial” up above under my header slide show.  They are free.  Details of what you can do with them are on the tutorial page.  All are on my YouTube channel and those with several videos for one project are in a Playlist on Youtube so you can now easily find them all.

The product I have for sale…well, I will only be able to add in one or two items each week or every few days or so.  Right now I have exactly two items listed.   The paper collection above and the wheels below…


These items are great for my Circus Wagon project if you’ve wanted to have a go at it. (The tutorial videos for it are on my YouTube channel).  To get to the details about each item and how to buy them, click on the words “craft stuff for sale” up above under my header slide show.

Here’s a little bit of info about why I’m selling some craft stuff…

“Hi everyone! I love crafting stuff! And when I’m working on a project, design or kit, I occasionally buy more than I need!  I also find that I forget what I bought a particular item for, especially paper, and discover that I no longer need it.  That’s where this page comes in.  I thought about opening up my Etsy store again or some other online store but then I’d have extra fees and such and I don’t want to do that unless I have to.  So….here’s my Craft Stuff For Sale page on my blog/website.  Please note: That as a Graphic 45 Designer I receive product from Graphic 45 to design with and NONE of that product will ever be for sale. I may occasionally (with permission) have a blog give-away but that will be in a blog post.”

Okay, that’s all for now but check back every week to see if I’ve added anything new because, trust me, I’ have several extra things  I no longer need!

Happy Crafting,