In case you are here looking for today’s Finish it Friday post….it will be posted in the morning (hopefully) depending on when the video is done uploading!  I am in the craft room this afternoon working on the next set of pages for the mini album that goes in the Photo Frame Memory Box shown above.  It’s been a busy day with sorting and taking recycle stuff in, lunch with my daughter, office work and editing (plus uploading) videos for the Dog House project but I’m finally able to do a bit of crafting.  After all, it is still Friday and I’m working on Finishing this project!!

Happy Crafting,


Yep.  It’s been “revised” for the better (I think).  This is my dog house “box” that I designed last September.  It got put on a shelf and though I recorded videos of me making it, I never got around to editing those videos and converting them into a written tutorial.  The days, weeks and months go by way too fast! It seems like I just designed this!!  Anyway, a few weeks ago I took it off the shelf, looked it over and did a few revisions and additions.  First I added the latch closure to the front of the dog house so it would close better because…..I added an extra mini album.  Now there are TWO mini albums inside the dog house!  I also added some “signs” on the roof and the Home Sweet Home sign on the front and Washi tape.  Below is the first album that I made last year to go inside the dog house.  The only change on this is  that I cut the “collar” closure down and fixed the buckle down permanently; it was just too hard to try and unlatch that collar every time you wanted to look inside the album.  It’s still a collar, it’s just not fastened anymore.  I also added a piece to the spine with a brad and string to help with taking the album out of the dog house.  Washi tape was added to the cover and to some of the pages on the inside.



And then I created the second album and made it to fit into the dog house along with the first album.  So….this second one is the same size but has a narrower spine and less pages/pockets/flaps.  I’m sad to say that I FORGOT to create a video when I made this second album!  But it’s made just like the first one with a different size spine and I did write down the measurements for that!  The pages are made the same with different flaps and pockets.  It also has a brad and string piece on the spine to help with removing it from the dog house.


I did; however, record a video showcasing this album along with the dog house box and the first album for a fun flip through to show you what they both look like.  Now, I do hope to get the tutorial done on this along with the instructional videos of the dog house and album #1.  When will that be? Your guess is as good as mine!  So far I’ve only had time to upload TWO of the tutorial videos and then I have to see if I can transcribe the instructions from the videos for the written tutorial.  It takes time. Which this week I do not have much of.  I got caught up with my office stuff yesterday and thought today would be an easy one. Nope. That didn’t happen.  Plus the internet was down for half the day as they made repairs.  Ugh.  Now I’m behind again.  Since this paper collection on this project is from last year (Bo Bunny Happy Tails), if you were to make a dog or cat project, what paper collection would you use or were you lucky and still have this collection on hand?

Oops! Almost forgot….here’s the video:


Happy Crafting!




Photo taken in April 2008

I took this photo for a digital photography class assignment with the online Perfect Picture School of Photography. The assignment was to take a photo at sunset to achieve a silhouette.  While in Comanche, Texas one weekend, I stopped by my brother’s farm with the intention of getting a silhouette of the windmill.  But the windmill was not in a location in front of the sun to allow me  to get the image I wanted, so I took this shot of a big Oak tree.  I was very pleased to not only get the silhouette at sunset but to also get the sunburst.  I’m happy to report that this photo got me a “Perfect Picture” rating for my online class!

Yesterday, July 27th,  would have been my Dad’s birthday.  He’s been gone from his earthly home for many years.  It’s appropriate for me to share this photo in honor of him and his birthday  as it was taken on farmland in Comanche County, Texas that he once held so dear.  Happy Birthday, Daddy.  I miss you!

Happy Crafting and Photo Taking!


It’s still Monday, right?  At least for a few more hours!  I’ve been trying to get this post done all afternoon.  I do not know what I’ve accomplished today except maybe the laundry.  The office desk still looks the same with maybe more papers added on and I even missed my Yoga class. I did get to swim this afternoon in our new above ground pool that we set up over the weekend.  It was finally filled with water today! Hmmm..maybe that’s what happened to today.

I have a confession–I have a split personality.  I’m the “office manager” for my husband’s construction business.  That means I’m the secretary, receptionist, accountant, payroll clerk, dispatcher, etc.  I’m very well organized in this office.  I can tell you where a paper is filed, under what name and I recognize customers by their voices over the phone. I also know who is past due on their account and how long and what they owe.  I even remember if they have been delinquent years ago and the reasons why.   Everything gets filed away promptly (well except for today). Payments are posted the day received AND deposited.  But when I leave this office and get in my crafty room, that other personality emerges. She’s crafty, thinks of and tries to create several projects at once and she drives me crazy!  She has many unfinished projects and she writes notes and measurements of projects  on sticky notes, scraps of paper, envelopes and whatever is handy. Those notes are put in many different places in the craft room and it can take days, weeks even, to find them, if ever.  {Sigh}

After not being able to find notes on a particular project I designed last year, I decided yesterday afternoon that enough was enough and that I would attempt to make that crafty personality person get organized.  I took a composition book like the one in the photo above (underneath the altered one) and made me a Project Notes “Notebook.”  I then took the scraps and bits and random project notes that I could find and wrote them all in this altered notebook.  I even numbered the pages and made an index reference in the front.  I hope to put my notes INSIDE that notebook as I make a project or at least when I finish a project.  Surely, this will help “her” get organized too.

Altering a composition notebook is easy peasy.  Just measure the covers–front, back, outside and inside.  Cut papers to fit, corner round the corners as needed and glue onto the notebook.  Then go through your stash and find ribbon, bows, flowers and other ephemera to add to the cover.  I even made a pocket for the inside front cover to stick notes so they’ll be easier to find.  Add a large paper clip, pen and make a bookmark out of some of the leftover papers and ta-da…you’ve got a beautiful notebook with ruled paper inside for all your notes.

So….do you have a split personality?  If you do, how do you control the one that drives you crazy?

Happy Crafting!


Whew! I only had about an hour to work on this Finish it Friday project today.  I did a quick video and then just set it to upload as it does take a bit of time even for a short video.  I kept the decorating on the pages rather simple this week by patterning the next set of pages and the flaps/pockets.  I created an insert flap with the large 31 on the front and then attached a tag with a white paper clip.  The rest of the “decor” on the pages today were done with quick stickers in my stash–some had glitter on them which makes it fun! Next week I hope to have time to do more on the next set of pages and hopefully will do two sets. We’ll see!  As a reminder, this project is based on a tutorial by Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon.  You can purchase the tutorial on her website at www.paperphenomenon.com.  You’ll need to look for the Photo Frame Keepsake Box tutorial.  I will also be teaching a class under license on the blank box and album at Flossie Scrapper in Joshua/Burleson, Texas on August 22nd.  Click on events on the Flossie Scrapper website for more info if interested in a class.

Here’s the video on what I worked on today–

I’ve had lots to do today. Not even time to really get on facebook.  I did check my emails real quick though.  Not sure if I’ll get to do much in the craft room tomorrow or not.  We are installing a soft sided above ground swimming pool in the backyard (20 ft), I can’t really do much but have to be ready if called to hold something straight or what not.  Hope you have a great weekend.  Hopefully we will have a pool to cool off in by next weekend.  It will take several days to fill it I’m told once we get the ground level and all the assembly done.

Happy Crafting!