The above is a collage of photos that I took back in 2009 at a Fourth of July parade in Granbury, Texas.   I’m pretty sure that was the only time I’ve ever been to a Fourth of July Parade.  I loved it! But honestly….it’s just way too hot in Texas to go watch a parade if it’s held after 8:00 a.m or in the afternoon.  I remember at this one that we managed to snag a spot in the shade but there was no breeze and the temperature climbed quickly!  If we are in town, we always drive over to Granbury Lake for the annual Fourth of July fireworks show.  It’s in the evening of course, though we do have to go a couple of hours early to get a good spot but we take picnic food, drinks and watermelon.  The city of Granbury always puts on on a great fireworks display over the lake.  We’ll be there again this year!  I’ll probably spend the hot part of the day crafting or cutting kits for my upcoming Circus Wagon class! The fourth is on a Saturday this year–what are your plans for the day?

Happy Crafting,

Shopping Stash from Flossie Scrapper.mp4_20150629_144930.908Love me some new Graphic 45 papers and”stuff!”  Friday night I finished my design team project for Flossie Scrapper AND got the video recorded so I could start uploading it on Saturday morning.  Once that was underway and I worked a few hours on a prototype for a NEW project and visited a bit with my friend Barb, I headed to Joshua to deliver my album to Vicky at Flossie Scrapper.  Of course, while there I had to do some scrappy SHOPPING!  I felt like it had been a while since I got to shop, so I was happy to take a look at both of the new Graphic 45 paper collections!  I bought the Rare Oddities collection, of course, and also received the Gilded Lily for my next design team project!  (I started working on it on Sunday!)  I also bought some new bling and stuff.  So much to share that I decided to do a short video for you!

Lots of fun stuff!  I truly believe that Flossie Scrapper has the BEST selection on Graphic 45 and Prima (Vicky’s store is a Premier Prima shop!). She not only has the newest Graphic 45 papers but also past collections, so if you’re looking for something for a project, give her a call.  Better yet, stop by and shop!!   Here’s the store info:


Flossie Scrapper,   3509 SW Wilshire Blvd
Joshua, Texas  76058

Tuesday through Friday 10 am until 6 pm
Saturday 10 am until 7 pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday
(817) 295-7100

Happy Crafting!


Okay….yes, this is my current Finish it Friday project and yes, I said in yesterday’s post that I was going to work on it for today’s blog post but you know….something came up.  Actually, yesterday was our 39th wedding anniversary.  I figured we’d celebrate Saturday night but we decided to go out to a movie last night after a quick dinner.  More about the movie later. I didn’t get anything done on this Finish it Friday project. And I didn’t work on it today because I had other projects I wanted needed to get done.  So, anyway…..since next Friday is the beginning of a holiday weekend, I’m going to postpone this project until Friday, July 10th.  I will then do a review of what I’ve done so far and include the two videos I’ve already posted to bring everyone up to date. I’m real excited about a prototype project I started today.  Too early to share but I’m loving it!!

So about the movie…we went to see Jurassic World.  I loved the original Jurassic Park movie and had been wanting to see this one.  It did not disappoint me.  I love it too!  I’m glad I went to the bathroom before the movie started as there was no way I would have been able to leave during all the action!  Eddie said it was a good movie too but that it “was like the first one.” Well yeah, sort of. But I loved it anyway. Ha, ha.  If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a preview trailer on YouTube.  (if you are viewing this post via email, you’ll have to go to my blog to see the video.)

Happy Crafting and Have a Wonderful Weekend!


Good morning Crafty Peeps!  I’m thrilled that I got to spend most of the day yesterday in the crafty room catching up and finishing a long overdue Design Team project for Flossie Scrapper! This was supposed to be my MAY project.  I picked up all the fabulous Graphic 45 Artistic Style collection and Prima  products for this project  on April 21st. And here it is June 25th.  I started designing the album in April and then had to put it on the back burner to cut and kit components for the May Photo Frame Memory Box & Mini Album class and then….well, I had problems with my back and sciatic in the left leg and I lost a WHOLE month!  But now, I’m able to work on it again and I’m all done except for a few small details, photographing and making a video.  It should be in the store at Flossie Scrapper by Saturday.Whew!  I’m ready to start in on some other ideas I’ve got floating around in my head.

Now, I can’t show a sneak of one of the pages in this album without showing you the massive mess around the album on my work desk.  Are you ready?  It’s pretty bad….


Okay, once again the camera cleans it up fairly well.  But I could NOT find a single thing under all the goodies there so I cleaned it up about 30 minutes ago.

Today I need to do a few office things and then I’ll be back upstairs this afternoon to finish this album up AND to do a page or two in my Finish it Friday Halloween Photo Frame Memory Box Album for tomorrow.  I also forgot to share on Monday that I have uploaded all of the decorating/patterning videos for the Photo Frame Memory Box (Graduation version) into the Vimeo album for those of you who took the class with me at Flossie’s in May. (You must have the password I gave you in class for the album and the videos.)  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you  have any questions about how to do something on your project.

Happy Crafting,


In 2012 Eddie and I went on a day trip to search out the Regency Suspension bridge in Mills County near Goldthwaite, Texas.  In the photo above is the view you see when standing on the bridge.


Taking photos on a suspension bridge, at least for me, can be  scary because every time a car drives across,  those bridges  MOVE and SWAY!  I’m thankful for cables on the sides high enough to keep me steady and ON the bridge!


Scary as those type of bridges  might be…I like seeing them and walking on them and if allowed driving across them (S L O W L Y)IMG_4756-Edit

The bonus on this trip was the Bluebonnets! These grow in a pasture just on the end  of the bridge opposite from where we parked.


I didn’t realize until I started typing this post that it’s been a week since I’ve blogged!  So now I have two “Picture Day” posts together! Don’t despair, I’m still crafting and will have more blogs of what I’m working on later this week.  I’ve been taking it slowly to let my back and sciatic leg problem get better.  And I am doing so much better.  Have to take lots of breaks while working on projects and I’m doing Yoga stretches every day and a class once a week.  Over the weekend we had our annual family reunion.  Luckily for me it was held at the Lake Mineral Wells State park which is only about 25 minutes from our house, so I didn’t have to sit in the truck for an hour + drive.  I did really well getting in and out of the camper, walking back and forth from campsite to campsite.  I feel that I’m on the mend  and almost doing things that I normally do.  Every now and then the back or leg sends me a little reminder but it’s not too bad.  This week I’m working on finishing up a design team project for Flossie Scrapper and plan on having it on display at the store by Saturday.  There will be a video of it too so check back for that.

Happy Crafting!