Wednesday somehow just slipped right past me.  The days get all wacky when we have a holiday, plus I’ve been busy organizing and prepping for my Photo Frame Memory Box & Album class this coming Saturday.  I think I now have the days straight in my head and since it is Thursday,  I’m sharing this card from last June for Throwback Thursday.  It’s a thank you card that I created and here’s what I had to say about it in the original post:

I love creating cards and projects with the color pink but I’m really liking this yellow/green/teal combination! I chose this Sunflower 2 digital image from Scribbles Designs, the sponsor for the sketch challenge over at Seems a Little Sketchy!  Of course, the flowers had to be yellow so I picked out these papers from my scrap stash to go with them and love how it turned out!  I colored the sunflowers with my Copic markers.

Tomorrow I hope to get a video uploaded for my current Finish it Friday project (Halloween Photo Frame Box Mini Album).  I’ll confess that because of my back issues I did not work on the project last Friday nor will I be working on it this Friday, but I do have the next segment of decorating it recorded on video as I cheated and worked on it more the first week.  I figured I’d just get ahead a bit which works good since I haven’t been able to do much crafting.

And now, an update on my back.  I’m much better.  Still not 100% but I have determined today that when I wear my Toms shoes that I have MORE or WORSE Pain.  I love Toms shoes but guess I’ll be removing them from my closet.  I’m a bit sad as I have an almost new pair of red Toms, but I want my back and leg to get well, so out they go!  Anyone wear a size 10 and don’t have back problems?  I’ll give them to you.

Happy Crafting!

Butterflies 2

I used to take a lot of photographs. I took digital photography classes, participated in some photography workshops, helped my daughter shoot a few weddings, did a few portrait sessions and then had to quit because of my back.  I still love to grab my camera when I can and take a few images besides just my crafty projects.  I even had have a photography blog but it’s been quite some time since I’ve done a post over there.  I’ve decided to start slowly moving some of my photos over here to this blog and eventually close the other blog down.  The photos I posted yesterday for Memorial Day reminded me of how much I love my photos.  Sure there are others who are much better than I and their images are true works of art but still, I love mine and how I saw people and places through my camera lens.  Don’t worry, photography is not  going to take over this blog but now and then I will have a “picture day.”  After all, photos go with scrapbooks!

I took these pictures in our front yard in April 2012.  We have this beautiful “butterfly tree” that just one day grew on our fence line.  It’s wonderful.  When it blooms it smells similar to honeysuckle vines. However it ended up in my yard, I am grateful!  If you’ve seen these photos before, no need to comment unless you just want to.

Here’s what I had to say about these images that I took:

At noon today, I went outside to take photos of the butterflies flitting about in our front yard.  There is this tree that we did not plant and that has not always been here.  It came up wild and grew and grew in spite of hubby trying to keep it cut down.  I’ve intervened and asked that it be left alone as it blooms.  It has grown into the fence, that’s why he wants to cut it down.   I say…move the fence!   We don’t know  what it is but this year it has a ton of blooms and the butterflies love it!  My attempt at photographing the butterflies was iffy at best.  The wind is really moving the blooms and branches and with that movement the butterflies flit away.  Just as I got my camera settings ready and the light metered…everything would change.  Here are two that I think are okay.  There were so many butterflies…I see five in the photo below, how about you?


Piper cat likes to watch the butterflies too.  He followed me out to that corner of the yard and laid down in the grass.  Our grass is getting long.  Someone needs to find the time to mow a bit.  Say hey, Pippy.



The  birds were chirping in the background; however our peaceful reverie was interrupted by the sound of someone’s loud truck.  So much for a peaceful noon interlude with the butterflies.


TWO butterflies went out at noon

And waltzed above a stream,

Then stepped right through the firmament

And rested on a beam;

and then together bore away

Upon a shining sea,–

Though never yet, in any port,

Their mentioned be.

If spoken by the distant bird, 

If met in either sea

By frigate or by merchantman,

Report was not to me.

~Emily Dickinson

Update on me and my back.  It’s slowly getting better.  Still gets stiff and very sore and I have some pain off and  on. I’m pretty sure all this rainy weather doesn’t help at all.  I am able to walk some on the treadmill to loosen things up a bit.  I normally craft standing up and have a bar height table in my craft room for that because the last time I had a serious back problem I couldn’t sit.  This time I can sit but can’t stand much.  Sheesh.  I do have a desk area in my craft room with an office chair plus I have a bar stool so I hope to be crafting a lot more in a few days.  For those who have signed up for the May 30th class at Flossie Scrapper, it is still on!  Class starts at 10:00 a.m. I may be in a chair but I’ll be there!
Happy Crafting!



It is my hope that everyone takes the time to remember the significance of this day…Memorial Day.  A day when we honor those who gave their lives while serving our country.  Last October, Eddie and I were fortunate to take a trip to Washington D.C.  Eddie had never been and I visited there when I was in high school.  Neither of us had ever been to the National Cemetery.  I’m so glad we took a morning to ride the subway to the cemetery and tour it’s hallowed grounds. Photos cannot portray the vastness and the overwhelming feeling you have when you see the headstones. Even now, it renders me speechless. We were also fortunate to arrive at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier just as they were about to change the guards. If you are ever there, do NOT even think of not waiting and watching. These are just a few of the images I was able to capture.


So for today, my blog post does not have any crafty projects.  Just my photos to convey my appreciation to those who have died for our freedom and to those who have lost loved ones who were so dear.   Your sacrifice  and theirs is more than anyone should have to give.


Blessings and Thank You,



Welcome to my Memorial Day Weekend, Finishing Strong with Operation Write Home Blog Hop.  I created the above card following Operation Write Home Sketch #188.  I used Golden Cerulean Blue acrylic paint to spatter the background, added Washi tape for the banners and stamped the sentiment with a Paper Trey Ink acrylic stamp from their Daily Designs set and added two flowers from my stash with centers punched from matching Washi tape.

Operation Write Home, a charity that has supported heroes with handmade cards since 2007, will be closing later this year. All cards need to be sent in by August 1st, so I’m helping to get the word out!”

Click >HERE< for the Operation Write Home Finishing Strong Blog Hop


Happy Crafting!


Since I don’t like posts without a photo, I added the one above of a page from the mini album I made of our granddaughter Emily’s Graduation from high school three years ago.  As the blog title states, I cannot craft today nor yesterday and we’ll have to wait and see how I’m doing tomorrow. I’m bummed.  I have so much I need/want to do!  Yesterday morning (Thursday) around 4:30 a.m. I was suddenly awakened by lightning.   Big lightning!  Since I didn’t want my computer and internet hit by lightning, I jumped out of bed to go unplug it.  But I didn’t make it.  My back and left leg decided to take that moment to go into excruciating pain mode!!  Oh my gosh!  It hurt so bad.  So hubby had to go unplug all our electronics and I ended up staying in bed all day icing my hurting back & leg.  And today too.  Plus added in some stretching exercises and pressure point treatment thanks to my daughter.  I think it is getting better.  I hope so. I need some sleep tonight. Last night I only slept an hour or two because of the pain. So anyway, this has put a damper in my weekend/holiday plans.  We have a family wedding we planned on attending tomorrow night.  I’ll just have to wait and see if I can move better, stand and or sit well by then.  Plus I have a few more kits to cut for next weeks class and of course I wanted to work on a couple of design team projects.  But first, I must take it easy for now.

In the morning early, you will notice a blog post and card that I created several days ago and pre-scheduled the post. This is for the annual Operation Write Home Memorial Day blog hop.  In case you haven’t heard, the theme of the blog hop is “Finishing Strong” because on August 1, 2015, Operation Write Home will cease operations.  They will no longer be sending cards to troops and as a result they will not accept cards after the August 1st date.  If you have any cards that you’ve made for them, make sure you get them in before that date and also check the guidelines for what they will be accepting.  If you’ve got fall or Christmas cards they will not need those.

If like us here in North Texas you are expecting rain or storms over the weekend, I hope you’ll check out my blog post and then click on the link to the OWH post to visit the various blogs participating in the hop.  You’ll get a lot of great card ideas.


Blog Hop Link >HERE< The hop goes live early Saturday morning, May 23, 2015.

I also pre-scheduled a special post for Monday, Memorial Day.  It features a few of my photos from Washington D.C. that I took last October.

I hope you each have a safe weekend.  It’s time for me to lay on more ice.  Brrrr….it does get cold but it does help, a LOT!

Happy Crafting,