I’m still working on my “Made It Monday” project for today.  It’s drying.  I’ve painted the inside of the box with Fiber Paste and once that’s dry I will paint it a color and then add the bunny that I’ve stained light brown, the eggs, a nest and  “Pretties.”  I had a late start today.  Since I was out of town for several days, I had lots of laundry to do and paperwork that had to be done in the office.  So I’m  posting this upstairs  again on my small laptop with an iPhone photo, please excuse the image quality.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be all done and simply fabulous and I’ll take a better photo with my big camera!

Happy Crafting,

Sneak Peek 3 29 15

Okay, I know I said I wouldn’t be doing a sneak peek post today, but I arrived home from Corsicana, had lunch with hubby and unpacked all my crafty stuff and decided to share a sneak of what I hope to work on tomorrow for Made it Monday.  I also want to share a bit about the Magical Designing weekend at Scrappin’ Goodtime!

First, the sneak peek photo above–next Sunday is Easter and I’ve seen an adorable Easter bunny idea on the Graphic 45 blog , so…I stopped at Michael’s last week and bought a little bunny rabbit and some plastic eggs to make myself something cute, Graphic 45 style. I’ll be using the April Time to Flourish paper. And if I get it made tomorrow I’ll be sharing my version. (Please note that I’m doing this post on my little laptop in my crafty room and don’t have the photo editing software that I do on the main computer but I don’t want to turn it on today so the photos will look a bit different in this post.)

I had a great time at Scrappin’ Good time for the Magical Designing weekend!  I arrived around noon on Friday and had lunch with fellow SG Designers Jill and Linda.  It was great to finally meet them in person!  Then I spent some time that afternoon working on a few of my own personal craft projects.  At 6 p.m. Friday night, I started teaching the first 4 hour session of my class for the Mickey Magic Camera Box,  I had ten ladies taking the class.  Here are a few of them along with Susie, the owner of the store, when we got our T-Shirts!Camera Box Class

These ladies were a great group and by 10 p.m. they had completely assembled their camera boxes, patterned them with the adorable Say Cheese papers and added all the “camera” elements!  I then spent a few hours working on my own stuff again and enjoying laughs with everyone staying at the retreat.

Oh yes, we had this adorable Mickey Mouse CHOCOLATE cake on Friday night.  It was made by one of the creative ladies attending the retreat and classes. It was cute and DELICIOUS too!!

Mickey Cake

Saturday morning at 10, we started in on the second part of my class, assembling the FOUR mini wallet style albums that fit in to the camera box.  By noon the class had all four completely assembled and we stopped for a quick lunch break of pizza thanks to Susie!  For the afternoon, I divided the class into four groups and gave each group a sample album along with their kit for each album.  They added their kit papers to the pages and embellishments with some being creative and adding their own special touches.  Here they all are including myself with Designers Jill and Linda.  Some of the ladies brought out their camera box for the photo in front of the store.  Only nine of the class attendees are in this photo as one wasn’t feeling well and had gone to her room to rest.

Mickey Magical Weekend

This is what happened when Susie asked us to “put on our mouse ears.”  Ha. ha.

Mickey Ears

After the last class, taught by Jill (Linda taught her class on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning), those that were staying at the retreat on Saturday night went out for dinner and Margaritas at Old Mexican Inn.  We laughed so much.  As I said earlier, I had a great time. Thanks to Susie for planning the event and thank you to everyone in my class, you ladies rock!!

If you’ve never been to Scrappin’ Goodtime, you should check it out. It’s a wonderful place to shop, take classes, get new ideas and spend a few days/evenings cropping with friends.  The retreat area is right there with the store!

Happy Crafting,


This post was pre-scheduled as I will be in Corsicana teaching a class today at Scrappin’ Goodtime! 


Last weekend, since I knew I was going to be out of town today, I went ahead and worked on Album #2 for the Back to Basics (B2B) project for today’s Finish it Friday.  I’m happy to report that I did get Album #2 DONE!  That means two down and only one to go! Wh0o Hoo!  In the photo above is the finished album.  You will notice that all the albums are decorated “flat” especially for me.  That’s because they all three fit into a matching storage box.  If you think you might like to make this project in a Disney theme or any theme that you’d want, you can find the tutorial >HERE< from Kathy Orta of Paper Phenomenon.  She designs fabulous projects and this one is great for beginners and seasoned crafters!

Anyway, I already had a few of the pages done in this album from when I worked on it over a year ago!  But this is one of the sets of pages that I made for today.  I love the flips and flaps in these books and that HUGE yellow paper clip that I added!


I mostly used the Simple Stories Say Cheese paper collection for this project but there were a few papers from Queen & Co. (I think) that had that Disney vibe so I added some of those too–the cute window paper and the large white dots on red.  Reminds me of Minnie Mouse!


The black and white swirl paper was also an addition from another paper line as well as the folder on the right side that I added a hinge too and inserted it like a page.  I added the teacup stickers from the Say Cheese collection to tie it all together.


This next page has a little booklet made from the papers and it’s held into the album with the fun “smile” paper clip!  There’s another booklet inserted into the top of the pocket (the one with the stitched heart on the front).


On the next page I created this flip photo page so I could add in even more photos.  Each section flips up so you can look at the photos.


This is one of the flaps flipped up and each one is decorated with different papers.


So that’s Album #2.  Next week I’ll be tackling Album #3 shown below. This will take me at least a couple of Fridays to get completely done as none of the pages have been papered as you can see below.


I hope each of you have enjoyed your first week of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere.  We had one day where the temps reached near 90 degrees (f).  But as my daughter says March 90 degrees is way different than May 90 degrees.  I think she is right!

Happy Crafting,



Today’s Throwback Thursday only goes back to January 2014 when I originally posted this Mixed Media page that I created.  It is my favorite page out of the many that I did in 2014.  I love how this turned out but have since determined that Mixed Media is not really my favorite craft. I’m not saying that I won’t do more but for now….the supplies and my books and finished pages have been put away.

Here’s some of what I had to say about this page last year:

Here’s my finished art journal page for week 2 of the Journal52 project.  The prompt was “Somewhere a Simple Place.”    I thought about it and thought about it and decided that the most simple place for me is Matagorda on the Gulf Coast of Texas.  It’s a sleepy little fishing town that hubby and I, along with other family and friends like to go to for some fishing and quiet time. Matagorda is most beautiful when the sun is setting, so I wanted to capture a sunset for this journal page.  The silhouette figures are from a photo that I took of my husband and brother.  I printed it as a digital image in Word and cut it out to collage on to my sunset page. The quote is from a song by Kate Bush.  It says:  “Oh sing of summer and a sunset. And sing for us, so that we may remember.  The day writes the words right across the sky.  They all go all the way up to the top of the night.”

I love to go to Matagorda.  Hubby loves to go there to fish.  We haven’t been there in a couple of years now I guess.  Maybe we’ll get to go later this year.  It’s so laid back and peaceful there.  What is your favorite small place destination?  Do you get to go there often?

Happy Crafting!


Yep, today I will be packing!  I’ve put my craft totes out on my table and I’ve started laying out the tools and supplies I need because….I’m going to a scrapbook retreat at  Scrappin’ Goodtime in Corsicana to teach my Mickey Magic Camera Box and Mini Albums class for the Magical Designing Weekend Retreat.  I teach on Friday night and Saturday morning/afternoon.  The rest of the time I get to work on my own personal projects and won’t be heading home until Sunday.  It’s going to be so much fun!  Hope to see some of you there!  If not, I hope you get to craft some this weekend!

Happy Crafting,