“When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.”
~Author Unknown

Happy Halloween!  As promised in yesterday’s blog post, I’m showcasing the finished pages of my 2014 Halloween Paper Bag Mini Album that I created for my Thirteenth Fright Before Halloween.  I love this paper collection that I used by My Mind’s Eye that I bought at Cat’s Creations Scrapbooks. The paper bags for the pages are from Michael’s and I used two different sizes.  If you want the instructions on how to make this album, you can watch my videos on YouTube that I posted yesterday.  Here’s the link to my blog post with those videos.  Thirteenth Fright Before Halloween Paper Bag Mini Album.
And now, the video of my finished album….
Again, thank you for visiting my blog during my Thirteen Frights Before Halloween.  I hope to do it again next year!
Happy Crafting,

Here we are for our Thirteenth and final “Fright” before Halloween!  It’s been a fun thirteen days and I hope you have enjoyed watching how I create and make frightful, spooky things for my own Halloween decor collection.

Today in the videos, I will show you how I made a paper bag mini album for Halloween.  I used orange Celebration paper bags and smaller black Celebration paper bags that I bought at Michael’s.  I also used chipboard to make the album covers and My Mind’s Eye “Frightful”  paper collection that I purchase at Cat’s Creations Scrapbooks to pattern the pages and decorate the album.  Tomorrow on Halloween day, I will show you the completed album with all the pages decorated.

Video 1

Video 2
Video 3

I want to thank all of you who followed along with my first annual Thirteen Frights Before Halloween!  I hope to be able to do it again next year with some different Halloween projects.  If you have not been able to watch or create all of these projects, you can check back any time here on my blog or on my YouTube channel.
I wish you a wonderful and frightfully fun Halloween!
Happy Crafting,

This project is not for the faint of heart.  Oh, I’m just kidding, but really I’ve heard a few say that it creeps them out a bit to use a TOILET PAPER TUBE for a craft project especially a gift card holder. So–if you don’t want to use a toilet paper tube, you can cut up a paper towel tube OR you can make the base out of cardstock.

For this project, you need a toilet paper tube that you’ve flattened (or some other base of the SAME size).   You will also need cardstock in Halloween colors of your choice, patterned Halloween papers, twine, Halloween stickers, ephemera, embellishments and Black Soot Distress Stain or Paint.

These little gift card holders are so easy to make and are a quick way to have a unique, adorable holder for gift cards or a bit of cash for your favorite trick-or-treater.

Tomorrow is the last and Thirteenth Fright Before Halloween.  It’s a bit more “involved” as far as creation time.  You may want to start on it or wait until after Halloween.  It is PERFECT for your 2014 Halloween photos.  You will need some orange Celebration paper bags and smaller black Celebration paper bags.  These can be bought at Michaels.  You will also need chipboard (medium weight), cardstock and patterned Halloween papers and a fun embellishment collection.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for The Thirteenth Fright Before Halloween!

Happy crafting,

Okay, here it is the 28th of October and we are still decorating, right?  I needed something cute and decorative for the bathroom so I decided to alter a dispenser of soap and make it spooktacular.  I used a green dispenser of soap that I bought at Michael’s.  The scent or “flavor” may be apple.  I’m not sure but I loved the green color! If you could find orange that would be awesome too!   For this project you will need some fun Halloween labels or stickers, twine (I used black) and a plastic bat or spider.

We have only a few more days left of this Thirteen Frights Before Halloween! It’s been a lot of fun for me and I can’t wait to show you the next two Frights.  Tomorrow is the Twelfth one and then on Thursday we’ll finish up with the Thirteenth Fright.  Well, actually on Thursday we’ll construct the Thirteenth Fright and I’ll show you my finished version on Friday, Halloween Day.

Happy Crafting,

P.S. Hubby and I arrived back home yesterday afternoon from our vacation to Washington D.C.  We had a great time and saw almost everything or rather all that we could!  But we’re happy to be back home and I’m looking forward to doing some crafty projects this coming weekend!

These are super cute, mini witch hats made from cardstock!  Adorable party favors or place setting decor!  For these you will need black cardstock, scraps of patterned Halloween paper, and assorted decorative items such as ribbon, tulle, stickers, ephemera etc.  You will also need a Big Shot and circle templates or other type of circle cutter so you can cut out the brims for your hats.  I used Scor-tape to hold the cone of the hat together and Scotch Quick Dry Glue to attach the brim to the cone. I have attempted to attach a pdf template file of the pattern I used to cut out the cone for the hat.  I hope it works, if not, contact me and I will email you an attachment for the pdf file.

Here’s the link for template pdf file: Witch Hat Cone Template PDF  

Video 1

Video 2

Wow! Time is flying by and it’s getting closer and closer to Halloween!  Tomorrow I will have a super quick, easy project for you for the Eleventh Fright Before Halloween.  It’s something for your bathroom so buy you a bottle of green or purple hand soap in a dispenser and have some fun Halloween stickers handy.
Happy Crafting,